Who is the Hawk Tuah Girl and why is everyone talking about her?

She even has her own line of merch

The internet has been taken by storm over the last few days by a blonde girl from Nashville, and it’s not Taylor Swift.

The ‘Hawk Tuah Girl’ has become a viral sensation on social media, after an entertaining street-interview video made way for multiple memes, edits and a desperate search to try and identify the girl in the clip.

The video, which was posted by creator duo Tim and Dee TV on June 11, shows a young woman, reportedly named Hailey Welch, and her friend being asked questions as they enjoy the aftermath of Nashville nightlife.


In the video, the interviewer asks Welch to name a “move in bed [that] makes a man go crazy every time?”

Welch confidently replies: “You gotta give ’em that ‘hawk tuah’ and spit on that thang!” in a strong southern accent, the ‘hawk tuah’ mimicking the sound of spitting.

The video has been reposted, edited and shared over the last few days, turning Hailey, or the ‘Hawk Tuah’ girl into a fully fledged meme.


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Check out some of the memes below.


Who is the Hawk Tuah Girl?

While many efforts have been made to track down Welch and find out more, she has been keeping a relatively low profile online since the video surfaced. Her social media accounts have reportedly been deleted, and she hasn’t produced any other searchable content.

However, she did appear to be involved in the official merch line which is being made as a result of the meme. The original creators of the video have reportedly teamed up with a local business to make a line of “authorised merchandise” related to the viral interview – and in a post on the Facebook page of Tennessee apparel company Fathead Threads, Welch appears to be pictured signing some.

The new line’s theme is based on the popular design for US election campaigns, complete with slogans and dates. For example, a cap that reads “Hawk Tuah ‘24” is going for $40 with a signature, $30 without, with the text: “Spit on that thing”.

At the time of writing, the Hawk Tuah girl has reportedly sold at least $65,000 (£51,432) worth of merchandise.

Jason Poteete, the brand manager of Fathead Threads told Rolling Stone that the shop has so far sold more than 2,000 hats, receiving interest from everyone from large-scale networks to the WWE.

“Our largest orders are usually 100 hats, maybe 150-250 shirts. This is way out of the normal for us,” he said. “This is a small, family-owned shop. We’re all hands on deck right now.”

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