Chuu reacts to Blockberry Creative lawsuit victory: “Keep going until you win”

The singer was embroiled in a legal dispute with her former agency for over two years

Former LOONA singer Chuu has won her lawsuit against former agency Blockberry Creative.

On June 27, the Korean Supreme Court dismissed Blockberry Creative’s appeal against a previous verdict ruling in Chuu’s favour in a lawsuit between the two parties. The Supreme Court confirmed the invalidity of Chuu’s previous contract with the agency once more, and dismissed its appeal without trial per Newsis.

The singer has since seemingly reacted to the court decision on her Instagram stories. Chuu shared a screenshot from the game Animal Crossing with the quote: “If you don’t want to lose, keep going until you win”. She also posted a screenshot from a movie, with the subtitles reading “treat everyday like it’s Christmas”.


Chuu first filed a lawsuit against the company in January 2022, after which courts granted her a provisional injunction to suspend her exclusive contract with it. The singer was notably absent from LOONA’s activities in the following months, though the label cited scheduling conflicts at the time.

In November that year, Blockberry Creative announced that Chuu had been expelled from the girl group, alleging that the singer used “violent language” and abused her power over its staff. The singer responded with a brief statement on Instagram, saying that she had not “done anything shameful”.

Chuu’s expulsion from LOONA was soon followed by the group’s remaining 11 members filing their own lawsuits against the agency. The singers were each granted injunctions in the following months, and have since joined new agencies.


In August 2023, the court ruled in Chuu’s favour, deeming her contract with Blockberry Creative void and ordering the label to bear all costs of the lawsuit. The agency appealed the verdict and pushed for a second trial, which ruled in the singer’s favour again in March this year.

Chuu is currently promoting her second solo mini-album Strawberry Rush, which arrived earlier this week. In support of the release, she will also be heading on a tour in the Americas next month.

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